Azula essay

Mar 11, Reputation: This is a thread for one of the most Badass Villians in Fition, Azula from Avatar the last air bender. And I gotta to admit, I haven't seen such a display of complexity and dastardly evil since Darth Vader. I think Azula is just the reincarnation of the pure evil.

Azula essay

Tamerlan on Aug 03, I bet that Bryke are thinking of something to give closure for her along with Ursa in the future.

They did that they were thinking of something. Sep 22, She is presented as a ruthless powerhungery girl who will use anyone to achieve her goals.

She and Zuko were raised very differently. From what is shown, Ursa cared for Zuko very much and would do anything for him. She possibly felt that getting negative attention over positive was better than nothing.

If we run with the idea that Ursa did favor Zuko, then Azula was left with her father to give her guidance. Ozai does not seem like the type of man to give a child the affection they need. He clearly looked down on Zuko, declaring him weak, a view that could have easily been passed onto an impressionable child.

Ozai is a man who had no problem scarring and banishing his son and earlier on planning to kill him, should have any reason not to doubt that he could have been cruel to both of them?

Where Zuko could confide in his mother, Azula turned inwards. It has been shown that children who are abused or mistreated by their parents often become abusers.

And what is Azula if not an abuser? Azula has serious issues with her mother. She feels that her mother loved Zuko and not her, that she thought she was a monster. Azula admits that this hurt her and that shows that she is not the hardened woman she makes herself out to be. These are things that Azula, deep inside, wishes her mother would say to her.

She would possibly even take this as an insult, that she should act more like a young lady. Azula has only two friends: Mai and Ty Lee.

During The Beach episode, Azula is shown as having no social skills. She keeps returning to what she knows, war, in order to cope. She is later shown not knowing how to act around boys and does not like the idea of acting like an idiot to make them like her.

Showing your emotions are a weakness in her mind. Azula is at the top. She is their leader who strives to be the best. Mai and Ty Lee are on the bottom. When Mai and Ty Lee leave her she was left with no support.

Azula essay

She may have acted cold toward them, but they clearly mattered to her. Mai turning on her was not nearly as shocking to her as Ty Lee. Mai left her for Zuko and then Ty Lee betrayed her as well.

Azula essay

Zuko was given the love and affection. When Mai declares that she loves Zuko more than she fears Azula, it is a critical blow. Once again Zuko has taken something that she craves, something she may not even be aware that she craves.

While Azula may not have been a normal child to begin with, the way she was raised did her no favors. There are plenty of problem children who are able to live normal lives thanks to the help of their parents. Ursa doted on Zuko while Ozai bred Azula to be a weapon.

Child of her Fire

She would probably never reach the level of being a hero or a selfless person, but she could possess the capacity to be good.The Hero's Journey: Avatar the Last Airbender Essay Francheska Angeles Professor Peter Bolland World Mythology 6 December The Last Airbender and The Hero’s Journey When the average person thinks of mythology, they are most likely to think about archaic stories about gods and heroes with fantastic powers and histories.

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Wut. And someone even thought that Katara should not have stepped in in Zuko and Azula's final fight. Well, Sokka, Suki, and Toph were together where the airships were, so it makes sense for Katara to go with Zuko. And during the Zuko-Azula agni kai, it was after Azula hit Katara that Katara then intervened.

Aug 22,  · Azula was one of the most powerful firebenders of her time. Her firebending powers and prodigious skill allowed her to .

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