Case study peak lan project

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Case study peak lan project

Here are just a few case studies of athletes who have benefited from Dr. He was a DI college tennis player and was a high level cyclist.

After sustaining some major injuries Sean took up golf. He quickly rose in the ranks and is currently an amateur golfer.

Even though Sean was a skilled golfer, something was blocking his success. Sean could execute on the range, but had trouble taking this game to the course and knew his mental game was holding him back. Listen to Sean talk about how he increased his confidence and learned how to take his practice game to the course after working with Dr.

But I knew this was not going to work because I have some internal issues I had to deal with on the golf course.

Case study peak lan project

Cohn on mental game by far is the best investment I have made. I have some great tools to work on to see my mental game improve.

I feel better now than I have ever have on the golf course and I thank you so much for helping me with the positive mental direction. After only one month of mental coaching with Dr.

Case study peak lan project

He had trouble dealing with mistakes and missed shots—and would get upset quickly with himself. When frustrated, this mindset would lead doubt and making more mistakes because he was dwelling on the past and rushing his performance.

He reacted very calmly to missed shots and mistakes and was very poised in the very close finals game. We have never seen him so composed and locked-in on the issue at hand!

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He has also realized that and tells us that he feels more calm and confident than before. Cohn and Aaron worked for three months to improve his mental game and performance. You can listen in as Mike talks to Dr.

We have to give credit to the work you have done with him.

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The turnaround in his game has been quite dramatic. Cohn after she had lost her focus on the horse and had fallen, which consequently led to injuries and self-doubt.

Cohn worked with Diane to help her relax on the horse and improve her mental preparation before showing. Now, Diane shares her success story of how she used the strategies she learned from Dr.

You can discover the details about how she prepared mentally before showing. Mental training tips will help you ride through challenges with more confidence. It can help riders across the entire equestrian spectrum. Cohn from the time he was an amateur motocross champion at age 15 all the way until he turned pro as a motocross racer.

Matt talks about his experience working with Dr. Cohn and the importance of the mental game of motocross racing. Cohn, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my training and racing performance.

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Cohn has helped me to be much more confident in my racing and the results prove it! I look forward to your help as I move into the pro ranks.

Julia sought out Dr. Cohn to help her kids raise their confidence and cope with the pressures of high-level competition. Instead of being overly focused on other competitors, they learned how to focus on being mentally prepared before going into the ring.

We try to supply our kids with the best things that we can to help them improve, such as equipment and coaches.Business Case for Wireless LANs With standards, higher data rates and continually decreasing cost of wireless LAN hardware, it has become much easier to justify wireless LAN.

Business case for wireless LANs depends on the specific application for which wireless LAN is being employed. After being taken down twice by Blogger within a single week, we got the message: It’s Time To Go.

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