The heartbreaking decision of my eldest child

That she no longer wants to be a first grader. This child who loves school. This child who loves her teachers.

The heartbreaking decision of my eldest child

Tweet Comment 0 I found out that I was pregnant at 13 weeks — already past my first trimester.

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I was well aware of my personality — it was not exactly suited to raising a child. I also knew that I was still a college student — not the best job for a future parent. But for some reason, as soon as I saw two lines on the pee stick, I knew that I was going to have this baby.

The heartbreaking decision of my eldest child

A couple of days later, when I visited the gynecologist and saw the tiny fetus, I became more certain that I was going to have this baby. Of course, I was shocked to see the little gummy bear-looking thing floating around in my uterus on the sonogram.

It was more nervousness that my future was about to change drastically. As we left the hospital, I declared to my husband, then-boyfriend, that I wanted to have this baby. In contrast to myself, my husband is the second most levelheaded, realistic and responsible man I know — the first is my dad.

Our mutual friends used to tease us, saying it was a miracle that two people with such radically different personalities were dating. I was taken aback by his response, as he was always my safeguard, and secretly resented him for his leery response.

It was because he was responsible — so much more responsible than myself. He was tentative for one reason — the uncertainty of providing financial stability for his future family, which he knew was so important when raising a child, because he was also a student.

I believed in the cliche that love solves all problems. This was a realization I had the moment I was discharged from the hospital three days after giving birth. I soon realized that for parents, every day is a new day for more responsibilities. Some challenges are merely irritating, such as waking up at 6 a.

Others are pretty major issues, such as how to afford rent, choosing health care plans and preparing for life after graduation in order to be able to fully support my child. UC Berkeley helps me out with my endless responsibilities. There are so many obligations that would have been impossible for me to meet as a student-parent without the help of this campus.

Our school provides the Student Parent Center with wonderful counselors, student-parent grants, family housing, child care and cost of attendance adjustments that make it possible for me to receive quality education. When I developed a passion to learn as I matured through motherhood, the UC system embraced my decision and supported me to pursue education.

And I am grateful toward this system. But the UC system could still do more to support its students — it could provide access to abortion services, as detailed in SB Jerry Brown refused to meet students halfway and vetoed SB Brown failed students who were trying to be responsible — who have the right to chose.

Being a mom requires so many commitments, and the same goes for dads. When I was pregnant, I had no idea the extent of burden that would be put on me as a parent, because I had the privilege of being naive while growing up. And I believe this naivete was the main reason I could decide, without doubt, to keep my baby.

Those who are pressured by society to be mature — or are just naturally mature.

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Those who are farsighted and know of the obstacles that they, and more importantly, their baby, will face through unprepared parenthood.My youngest child is a handful to say the least and seems to require my attention at the most inopportune times.

I am worn thin and feel like I have little energy in reserve by mid-afternoon. Dec 06,  · My eldest son has very severe Autism and will be 12 next month, then I have my daughter aged 7 and my son aged 2 (both fine) and my 8 month old . Jul 10,  · The Trump administration is expected to appeal her decision.

But for now, it has little choice but to release families with ankle bracelets and hope they will show up for court appearances. You have this child for 40 years, and suddenly they’re going away, and you don’t know if the new person will be someone you’ll connect with.

During the transition, I called and got Chaz’s old voicemail message. Dec 06,  · My eldest son has very severe Autism and will be 12 next month, then I have my daughter aged 7 and my son aged 2 (both fine) and my 8 month old baby son who has Down's Syndrome.

days of regret. Making that heartbreaking decision that makes gets you thinking is it right or not and what if's fall in love or father a child.

The heartbreaking decision of my eldest child

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